Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christmas Fun

Of course every Christmas season requires a visit to Temple square...
love how you can tell we have matching Stoic coats!
As well as visiting Festival of Trees. We went with
Chaz and his now fiance Hayley- it was way fun!
Lenny and I in front of our only Christmas decorations. Since we moved the day after Christmas we didn't want to get a Christmas tree, but since it didn't feel like Christmas I decided to make the Christmas stalkings a week before...
We spent Christmas eve/morning with my family and evening
with Lenny's extended family since his parents are on their mission
And this is what happens when you ask your brother
to take your picture in front of the Christmas tree!!
Merry Late Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


This was my first triathlon... to watch that is! It was really fun up at Snow Basin- gorgeous time of year! We woke left at 5 and got there when the sun was just rising!
The boys getting ready to start- Lenny, Andy and Logan
Shanell and I- the amazing cheerleaders!!
Tri's are fun because you get to see them in between each section of the race...Lenny transitioning from swimming to biking.
Biking is Lenny's strongest point in the Tri where he passed a bunch of people up...
On to the run!
Almost there! The 5k turned out to be a 7k- and it was mostly uphill
After the finish line with Logan and Shanell
Lenny's parents came all the way up to support Lenny-
it was great having them there!
Good Job Lenny! I was really impressed! I don't know if I
could do any one section in that good of time- let alone all three!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Subway

We won the lottery!! Well... to hike the subway in Zions that is! Here's our group at 10:00 when we started the hike! We estimated that it would take about 7 hours (Lenny spending his childhood summers in Cedar has hiked it about 20 times and his record is 3-he basically ran the whole thing) Little did we know what we had in store for us!
It's pretty sad i've grown up in Utah and this was my 2nd trip to Zions!
I brought a pair of shoes for land and a pair of shoes for water- we hit water before the land section was over so Lenny carried me across- Lenny didn't realize this was just a practice run!
This marks the point of no return, the first obstacle. There were 3 other groups waiting with full on climbing gear to go through the hole in the rocks. We chose to go over the rock- my brother Tosh went first and decided he wanted to clear the water (which he points out he did) so he jumped from about where Andy is on the rock-about 5 feet and landed wrong. The rest of us shimmied down with a rope...
Luckily Lenny's sister Lisa got WFR certified (Wilderness First Responder) and she taped up both of Tosh's feet. The doctor told Tosh he doesn't know how he messed up his foot so bad- he had multiple fractures on both sides of his foot. Normally he only sees these injuries as a result of rock climbing after falling 20 feet. He said he's never seen one so bad- Tosh had a big operation and just barely- (3 months later) got off of his crutches. Unfortunately it ruined his 3 week trip to climb Mount Aconcagua in Argentina.
Tosh could not put any weight at all on his right foot and his other foot was pretty sore as well. We only had a rope for the obstacles so the guys put their scouting skills to use!!
We were so lucky to have 4 strong guys!!! Our little carrier was a nice idea but unfortunately most of the paths were narrow and consisted of boulder hopping.
Brrr.... the water was freezing!!! Way cool though!!
We actually past up the other groups during the obstacles because we didn't have all the equipment and managed it with just a rope. Again- I'm grateful to have strong guys to help!!
Entering the subway. Lenny didn't use the rope once- he said he has done it enough that he knows what he's doing, which is true because he's still alive- but I didn't realize he was jumping into extremely shallow waters! (I never knew he was going to jump until he was already gone) Lenny was great helping everyone through the obstacles!!
The Subway!! Way cool!
I think we tried pretty much every thing to get Tosh out! Hikers passing by gave us their walking sticks saying that we needed them more- I love outdoorsy people! Everyone was so nice and offered to help! When it was apparent that we would be hiking in the dark (which we weren't at all prepared for) 2 groups gave us their headlamps and extra water- people are great!
The awesome girls!
Way cool!
So that was my last picture because after that we split up. The 5 girls went on ahead to get the other car at the trail head and see if we could get help. Along the way we found people who gave us their headlamps and water so 2 of the girls went back to deliver it (which we really couldn't have done without) and the rest of us went to the trail head to pick up the car and call for help. The last half of the trail is boulder hoping and weaves in and out of the river- it is very confusing and hard to find the trail in the day light- let alone in the pitch dark with one small dim headlamp! To make a long story short we were told there was nothing that could be done so we gathered water and borrowed a few headlamps and started heading back to the group. It was starting to get dark and the trail did not feel right so we decided it would be better to wait in the car than get lost so we went back to the car which was pure torture for me! I would have much rather been with the group! When we got a phone call from the group at 1:00 am- we were ecstatic and used Marco Polo to find them- I have never been so excited to see them all! They were all super thirsty and exhausted. Tosh had to hop from rock to rock and Lenny ended up carrying him a good deal of the time (resulting in a little hernia) Welcome to the family Lenny- will you carry my brother out of the Subway? Total time? 15 hours!
I just have to say we had the best group of people! I did not hear one complaint the whole time! Everyone was so happy and optimistic!! There were many IHOP jokes so we of course had to honor it for breakfast! We should have gone to subway for lunch! All in all it was a very memorable experience!

British Columbia

After visiting the Butchart Gardens we walked around Victoria- it's a fun little city!
That's right! :o)
I love the next 2 pictures! SO Lenny! Look how happy he is when he found out biking is a religion!
I'm actually surprised Lenny is just considering the ice cream and not down there buying it!!
Sweet!! Finally done with our honeymoon! I just had to get it documented!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Butchart Gardens

We decided to go to the Butchart Gardens in Vancouver Canada. It's kind of funny that the only other time I've been to Canada was on a Choir trip in High School- we drove 5 hours from Seattle to spend a few hours in the same gardens!
They were gorgeous!
It even got warm enough for us to take off our sweaters! The first time during the whole trip!
These orange flowers were my favorite!
Lenny was hungry and thought they tasted like popcorn!
Ok- so maybe I was the hungry one so we bought rip off hot dogs which were actually really good (plus things always taste better when you are hungry- our stomachs got stretched out and we were used to eating all the time!)
Our cool secret window
So I had to take this picture because I have one just like this with a few of my high school friends

Monday, November 28, 2011

Tracy Arm Fjord

It was recommended that we wake up at 4:30 as we drove through a fjord to get the the Tracy Arm- a sweet glacier. Knowing that the next 2 days would be out in the ocean we took them up on their recommendation!
We found a few open spots next to the window on the top level- it was a sweet view... though I'm not sure it was worth waking up so early!!
It was freezing though it was fun watching the icebergs pass by!
We thought it was funny when they started selling hot chocolate in our lounge for $5 when you could get it for free downstairs! (though they also had something extra to add for warmth)
We finally got to the glacier! The front of the boat was packed!!
The captain said we were lucky it was cloudy so that we could see the natural color of the glaciers, they were bright blue- way cool!
We requested to eat breakfast by the windows so we could see the glacier. We were there for about an hour- after we finally turned around we went out the same way we came, guess we didn't need to wake up at 4:30!
That night we bundled up and ventured outside to look at the moon... it looked much more impressive in real life!